Interfaith the Musical CD


moving… hilarious… thought-provoking… exciting… relevant… dramatic… poignant… enlightening…

A musical for OUR times.

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Product Description

In an era marked by increased religious violence, strident nationalism, and growing intolerance, INTERFAITH: The Musical comes just in time to remind us how important it is to celebrate the magnificence of our cultural and religious diversity. This is our chance to laugh and cry at our foibles, idiosyncrasies, heartaches, and the current state of the world — even as we take our faith seriously. Be the first to hear the unforgettable melodies and lyrics written by Ruth Broyde Sharone and arranged by Kc Daugirdas. This musical is for everyone: for skeptics and believers, for traditionalists and reformers, for adults and children. All proceeds from the sale of the album will be used to fund the musical, “Broadway-bound on the wings of peace.”


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