Lyrics and Music by Ruth Broyde Sharone
Arranged by Kc Daugirdas
All piano arrangements composed and performed by Kc Daugirdas (ASCAP)
Recording and Vocal Producer: Kc Daugirdas
Illustrations for the album by Andre vanZijl
Produced by: Ruth Broyde Sharone

©2015 It’s-The-Truth-Ruth Publishing. All rights reserved.

1. What If When You Awoke? (4:15)

Singers: Susan Macke Miller, Gino Miller, Patrick Keensway, Kc Daugirdas

2. We Have More in Common Than We Knew (4:08)

Singers: Julia Kantor, Jacob Kantor, Patrick Keensway, Kc Daugirdas

3. What If My Children Go Astray (4:13)

Singers: Jacob Kantor, Avigayil Finley

4. Spiritual But Not Religious (3:02)

Singer: Alyssa Rupert
Background vocal: Kc Daugirdas, Susan Macke Miller, Liam Roberts

5. Blasphemy (2:32)

Singer: Liam Roberts
Background vocals: Juanita Parker-Scott, Alyssa Rupert

6. Why Can’t Science & Religion Be Friends? (3:22)

Singer: Susan Macke Miller

7. It’s Not A Game (3:51)

Singer: Liam Roberts
Background vocals: Susan Macke Miller, Kc Daugirdas

8. There Ain’t No Monopoly on Spirit (2:17)

Singer: Susan Macke Miller

9. I’m a Bu-Jew (2:48)

Singers: Kc Daugirdas, Alyssa Rupert, Liam Roberts

10. Let’s Make Room at the Table (3:05)

Singer: Liam Roberts
Background vocals: Susan Macke Miller, Kc Daugirdas, Patrick Keensway

11. Meet Me There (3:22)

Singer: Susan Macke Miller
Inspired by a Rumi poem: “Beyond all wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”